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FlexibleFolios was founded by Ben M. Reynoso in an attempt to remove emotion from the portfolio construction process.  We understand that investing in volatile markets is difficult even for the most experienced of investors. 

So I wanted to create an easy to understand portfolio structure that would allow investors to get invested and stay invested regardless of what was happening in the financial markets.  Flexibility is strength. 

Unlike most investment portfolios that remain the same regardless of what is happening in the financial markets, FlexibleFolios change and adapt to the current environment.  Remember, the reed that bends will survive the windstorm, while the mighty oak will crack.  

We believe that being globally diversified and using multiple investment strategies within one portfolio provides the best way to manage risk.  And since risk is a permanent part of investing, proactive risk management is the most important ingredient for investment success.

The result is a portfolio that allow investors to confidently enjoy life knowing their investments are always being monitored and altered to the current market conditions.



"The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not just the management of returns.  Well managed portfolios start with this precept." 

-Benjamin Graham​

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